GDM SPORT clients had champion results in this season, within the Championship of Thailand Premier, after long season, Zoran Mijanovic and Zoran Guga confirmed title 3 weeks before the end of the season. Police United with our Diego Barcelos and Goran Subara advanced in Thai Premier League. They made a winning record ever in Division 1. For the second year in a row, Zoran Mijanović made ​​a great success with goalkeepers Buriram United. His success in small number of goals and an excellent defense made him one of the best goalkeeper coaches in Thailand!

Zoran Guga earned the trust of the club with his work and knowledge and has extended the contract with the champion of Thailand. A small number of injured players and rapid recovery after injuries played a significant role in the long and grueling season. All our clients make us proud and show that the GDM SPORT is on the right way. We wish them to be successful in the next season as in this one.

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