He arrived back in 2014 at Buriram United with in that time head coach Bozidar Bandovic as someone who will train goalkeepers to be the pillar of the club’s defense! Today, after 9 years of working in the club, Zoran is someone the club cannot imagine without. His goalkeepers are always in the best shape and conceding fewest goals from season to season.

From year to year, the coaches changed, but he was an indispensable link of every head of the professional staff. Zoran, through his work and professional relationship with the club, became one of the best goalkeeper coaches in Asia. In the past 9 years with the club, he won 5 national championship titles. 5 cups and 5 super-cups! Only trophy that he is missing in Asia is ACL and we believe that he will win well deserved when time comes!

Zoran was born in Novi Sad 1974, went through the youth system of Vojvodina, and played for the first team when he went to play in Portugal in 1998. He performed in clubs in Portugal, Poland, Romania and Norway, after which he devoted himself to a coaching career.We wish him all the best and long journey with his coaching career!

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