Goran Causic having impresive season in his first year with Buriram United! He scored 14 goals in Championship and 2 goals in Cups ,assisting in 3 ocasions!The former player of Red Star, Arsenal from Tula, Osasuna and other clubs showed that he is the biggest reinforcement in the last few years who came to the Thai League!He had an immeasurable effect in winning 8 titles for Buriram United! With his dedication and behavior on the field, he gathered a lot of sympathy from both his and the opposing fans!

He was 2 times the player of the month and 7 times in the team of the round, and therefore his notable games placed him in the best team of the league!There are still 2 finals in which the Thai champion has a chance to win all three trophies as in the previous season!We wish him luck and succes!!!

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