About Dejan Vukadinović, the owner of GDM SPORT

“My first client? Ivan Bošković. Ever since he arrived in Thailand thanks to my contribution, I've been told that he was the one who set my future. Since then I am working with more than 80 players and staff and proudly express that all of them are friends of mine. As a football player, I have experienced what is incorrect management, so I can judge correctly what players require. They are not players of my until the closing of a transaction, but my obligation is to follow their career. It is the interest of all of us not to end our co-operation signing the agreement. There is always a next transfer window…”

Dejan begins his football-career in his country, played in Montenegro, Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Asia when he decided to end his active career as a player and try to help players considered to be talented in the future. He studied and graduated in college for sports management in Novi Sad. He speaks English, German basic, Hungarian and Russian language. In April 2023 he become fifa agent within new Fifa Football Agent regulatins licence id 202304-642

The key to the successful change was the personal network and friendly relationship with the players. In 2012 he founded the GDM SPORT agency which serves the interest of football players from all around the world.

He is married, and proud father of 2 sons.