Former goalkeeper of Vojvodina, Emil Rockov (25), signed a four-year contract with the Hungarian team Fehervar, former Videoton. Rockov was the best player of Vojvodina for two seasons, for which he defended in a total of 127 official matches. Rockov has been a member of Vojvodina since 2006, where he went through all the selections of the club and went from loans in Proleter and Sloga from Temerin, all the way to the jersey of the Serbian national team, since he defended in a friendly match against Paraguay in Krusevac last year.

Emil with his new kit
 Emil Rockov presentation

For two seasons, he was named the best player of Vojvodina (2018, 2019), for which he defended in a total of 127 official matches. The last time, that happened in the final of the Serbian Cup, when Partizan was defeated in the fight for the trophy after a penalty, and Rockov was one of the best players in that match. “I spent 14 years in Vojvodina and I can freely say that she became and later determined my life, so much so that I literally wear her tattooed on the scars on me. She certainly causes huge emotions in me and I will miss her a lot, just like the fans, who were really wonderful to me, “Rockov pointed out. On the other hand, he points out that now was the right time for a new step in his career. “After the trophy we won last season, I am leaving much calmer now than I would have been if I had left in a previous period. Of course, Vojvodina will always remain in my heart, and I know that I will always have a place to return to,” he said. is Rockov.

Our company GDM SPORT wish him succes in his new club and to continue where he ended with Vojvodina FC winning more trophy !It was allways pleasure to work with such sportsman as Emil Rockov! Good luck Emil!

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